Digital Twins of the Ocean: Pushing the boundaries of
predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics

On April 4, BioDT, DestinE and Digital Earth Twins organised a joint webinar titled: “Digital Earth Twins to build resilience to climate change”. The webinar aimed to showcase opportunities, challenges and future trends in virtual twins.  Speakers highlighted the main aspects to be considered while developing highly-complex technology systems with the aim to help protect and restore biodiversity.

Digital twins will bring important advantages for researchers working to better predict global biodiversity dynamics, and how species interact with their environment and with each other. Innovative ways to combine data, models and interaction processes are required to predict these dynamics and offer solutions that promote a sustainable management of the Earth’s biodiversity and its ecosystems.

The EDITO-Infra and EDITO-Model Lab projects are building the core of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean, which will be key to further advance current knowledge of marine biodiversity and to anticipate and mitigate climate change. Marina Tonani (Mercator Ocean) shared the latest developments on EDITO, and together with other representatives actively engaged in digital twinning initiatives, emphasized the importance of leveraging the collective knowledge of all organizations working regionally and internationally to catalyze the development of digital twins, engaging not only with the scientific community, but also with the broader public.

You can watch the webinar recording here.