Fostering Collaborative Dialogue with the EDITO-Infra Community

The development of the EDITO platform is a collective effort grounded in strong teamwork, transparent communication, dialogue, inclusive decision-making, and regular feedback loops. EDITO is establishing a community where individuals can engage, build, draw resources, and contribute to fostering innovation and creativity. At the heart of this initiative is the European Commission’s vision of the European Digital Twin Ocean (DTO) as a public service and a public good.

A crucial aspect of the EDITO development is therefore its commitment to inclusivity, with the Digital Ocean Forum (DOF) serving as an essential platform towards this end. DOF ensures that the development process is a collaborative effort, incorporating diverse perspectives and ideas. In line with the accelerating technical development of the core infrastructure of the European DTO, EDITO-Infra has initiated a “Call for Expressions of Interest” for digital twinning projects and initiatives across Europe. This call invites projects to demonstrate how they can integrate into the EDITO platform, and to participate in the 3rd edition of the Digital Ocean Forum (DOF 2024), scheduled for June 12th & 13th in Brussels, Belgium, actively contributing to shaping the features of the European DTO. Relevant EU projects are invited to apply until February 15th by following this link:

The first day of DOF 2024 will host an in-person Scientific & Technical Workshop, directly engaging national and European projects and initiatives that can shed light into the scientific and technical developments that need to be considered when shaping the European DTO. This hands-on approach ensures active involvement of the community in shaping a DTO that reflects the current state-of-the-art. The second day will feature a High-Level Event, emphasizing the societal and policy value of the EU DTO and providing an open forum for broader participation, highlighting the community’s commitment to transparency and inclusive dialogue, towards a DTO that is fit-for-purpose.

As the community continues to grow and evolve, DOF 2024 aims to be a milestone where stakeholders assess progress, identify challenges, and chart a course for the future of the European DTO.

Also, as part of this community building effort, the EDITO team is establishing targeted collaborations with key European (Horizon Europe) projects and initiatives, such as ILIAD and Blue-Cloud 2026. As part of this process, the EDITO and Blue-Cloud 2026 teams will meet in Toulouse (France) on February 20th & 21st to explore collaboration opportunities and synergies, focusing on how Blue-Cloud can harness the EDITO infrastructure to contribute to the European DTO. Plans are underway to enhance engagement with more EU projects, following the expressions of interest received via the aforementioned Call. EDITO is actively seeking collaboration with European projects to align with the objectives of the EU MissionRestore our Ocean and Waters by 2030“, towards enhanced collective impact.

EDITO-Infra: The backbone of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean