EMODnet and Copernicus Marine Service Forge Stronger Technical Cooperation for the Future

In an unprecedented move towards digital transformation, the European Marine Observation and Data network (EMODnet) and Copernicus Marine Service, under the auspices of DG MARE and DG DEFIS, have embarked on a journey of closer collaboration. This partnership, aimed at revolutionizing marine data and services, was born in Paris during the inaugural Digital Ocean Forum (DOF) in 2021.

The dialogue between the technical teams of EMODnet and Copernicus Marine Service was sparked by a shared vision of the evolving landscape of Information Technology (IT) and its potential impact on their respective services. At the heart of their conversation was the realization that to meet the demands of contemporary users, a digital transformation was imperative. 

EMODnet was in the midst of centralizing its operations, while Copernicus Marine Service was in the process of updating its Marine Data Store (MDS). This convergence of initiatives laid the foundation for a collaborative effort towards a common goal: to usher in a new era of marine data accessibility and usability. 

Enter EDITO, the brainchild of this collaboration. EDITO, with its ambitious objective, aims to streamline access to and analysis of marine data. To achieve this, it is crucial that data be delivered through cutting-edge cloud tools and interfaces. The era of cumbersome data downloads through a “shopping basket” is now a relic of the past. With EDITO, users can expect an intuitive and efficient platform that empowers them to delve into marine data with ease. 

The significance of this partnership extends beyond technical improvements. By joining forces, EMODnet and Copernicus Marine Service are paving the way for a more harmonized and user-centric approach to marine data services. The collaboration not only ensures that data is readily available but also enhances its usability and relevance in today’s rapidly evolving marine data science landscape. 

EDITO-Infra: The backbone of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean