EDITO Empowers Early Career Ocean Professionals at DTO4ECOPs

As part of EDITO’s commitment to fostering collaboration and inclusivity in building the European Digital Twin Ocean (DTO), the DTO4ECOP satellite event held in Barcelona during the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference highlighted the critical role of Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) in shaping the future of DTOs.

Speakers emphasized how ECOPs can leverage EDITO alongside ocean data networks and cloud technologies to drive sustainable ocean management. Discussions centered on the functionalities and challenges of DTOs, emphasizing how ECOPs’ unique skills and perspectives can contribute to their development and success.

Participants engaged in interactive discussions that showcased the platform’s possibilities in monitoring marine biodiversity, assessing climate change impacts, supporting marine spatial planning and more. By integrating ECOPs into ocean governance frameworks and empowering them with tools like EDITO, the event underscored the necessity of their involvement for the ongoing development and successful application of DTO.

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